Charge Air Coolers

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Today’s Diesel engines mainly maximize fuel economy and performance relying on air to air heat exchangers to maximize fuel economy and performance. These units are commonly known as charge air coolers, intercoolers or aftercoolers. Atlas Radiator services charge air coolers made by Modine, Garrett, Valeo and others with off-the-shelf replacement units.

Charge air coolers typically fail gradually and declining efficiencies often go undetected. However, the consequences of a malfunctioning charge air cooler can be costly.

Common symptoms associated with charge air cooler failure:

• Loss of engine power
• Exhaust manifold failure
• Increased fuel consumption
• Elevated coolant temperatures
• Increased particulate levels in emissions
• Turbocharger failure

Testing the charge air cooler should always be part of your checklist when servicing your vehicle with more than 3 years or 300,000 miles in service, and when troubleshooting low power complaints. Undetected leaks can lower your fuel economy and steal your power. Malfunctioning charge air coolers can reduce the life expectancy of your engine.

Charge Air Cooler Service

• Flush Out and Test
• CAC Repairs
• Aluminum Recores
• Complete Charge Air Coolers